Exynos 6 to power upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone

Update: Samsung is now working Galaxy Note 6 flagship for Q3 2016.

Now this time another big news for the Samsung Galaxy S5 seekers coming. Some of the Korean websites are reporting that the Samsung has finished the worked on its upcoming processor that will be Exynos 6 which is a 64 bit processor.

Exynos 6 64-bit processor

Exynos 6, 64-bit processor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Samrtphone is first phone by Samsung that will run on a 64 bit processor. The reports that are recently leaked about Galaxy S5 specs also stated that the phone will have a flexible body and Retina display that is the biggest leak for the Galaxy S5 Smartphone till now.

Some website like SamsungSVI.com also reported that the company is also working on Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone side by side that will come with a 20 MP camera as rumored by the website.

Check latest updates of Samsung Galaxy S7 here.

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