Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs, Price Rumors And Release Date

Update: Recently we got to known that Samsung is readying the Galaxy S7 Series for the MWC 2016. It means we are just two month away to see Next big Galaxy Flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy collection has been at the very top of the Android food chain ever since the rise of the smartphone, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. The next version of the device, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be no exception.

Several rumours have been surfacing concerning the brand new apparatus, including gossips about the release date and specs of the Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specifications

It is unlikely that the S7 will comprise a radical change with regard to layout with the Galaxy S6 having been a major redesign of the Galaxy S set. Under the hood, but, we’ll see a number of upgrades.

galaxy s7

Samsung comprised its own Exynos processor in the more recent device, to round off the differences between the Galaxy S5 and S6. It is not unlikely the organisation will adhere to its guns with the S7, and contain a 64-bit Exynos central processing unit, much such as the one found in the S6. Obviously, the S7 will probably comprise an upgraded variant of the processor, yet even if it did not, it’d be above par in the power section.

Apart from the CPU, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will reportedly include a huge 4GB of RAM and options of 128GB storage, 64GB and 32GB. There are multiple distinct rumours concerning the camera, with the notional implied that it will be a huge 30MP of the S7. The more realistic, however, indicate that we’ll see a 16MP shot with OIS.

Last but not least, the display of the GalaxyS7 is up for discussion. Some suggest that the company will bound towards a super- sharp 4K display. Of course, this would be an absolutely stunning display; yet, the implications on the battery life of the apparatus could be too much. Additionally associated with show are the rumours that the normal edition of the device will be curved, like the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date

A number of rumours about the release date have been emerging in the last few days, including some that suggest that the Galaxy S7 is going to be release¬†before the end of 2015 as a way to compete together with the iPhone 6s. Despite this, these rumours surface every time there’s a new Galaxy S device, and Samsung has denied these reports, saying that it’ll stick to its release schedule.

Meanwhile we also got know that Samsung can also launch Galaxy Note 6 smartphone quite earlier than IFA event.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price

Latest reports indicate that the GalaxyS7 will cost between $750 and $850 for S7 Edge, with the bulge in price being owed to the improved specs and Edge -type screen. Meanwhile we also get to know that Samsung is also working on Galaxy Grand 3 and Note edge 2 smartphone.

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