Your Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 6 may come with an e-SIM card in 2016

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Smartphone at 7 pm on 21st February. We are covering everything that you must know about Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Smartphone here in our blog.

galaxy s7 edge

Samsung is at the forefront of smartphone sales global, but a brand new report says that the Korean maker is going to improve the smartphone era in a big way – along with the Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and Galaxy Note 6 could all inaugurate the brand new smartphone feature.

Financial Times reports that one of your most annoying issues is going to disappear – namely, switching SIM cards. Currently, if you want to change from AT&T to T-Mobile in the USA, you’d have to request a brand new SIM card from the new carrier and pay $9.99 or a reduced price (occasionally 99 cents) to get a new SIM card with which to activate the new mobile. The upcoming Galaxy Smartphone is going to have 4GB RAM, snapdragon 820 Processor and will have 12 MP camera as well.

As per the latest rumours Samsung Mobile is going to launch Galaxy s7 and Galaxy Note 6 Smartphones next year. From them, they are going to launch S7 series in march 2016 and will release Note 6 latter next year.

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samsung galaxy s7
Apple has implemented its own Apple SIM into smartphones, which serves the exact same function: it enables LTE iPad users to change carriers when they decide to do so with no need to swap out SIM cards.

The e-SIM will enable consumers more choice, which is when their cash is involved, what consumers want. Samsung’s adoption of the eSIM for its mobile devices will allow consumers to be more contented with their carrier selections as well as the product. Manufacturing companies that remain behind the times and choose not to go with the e SIM card will be left behind. Thus far, T Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom, AT&T, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, and others have agreed to shove on this technological plan forward.

We are going to keep a tight eye on the launch of upcoming Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. SO, Stay tuned with us for the launch of Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge here at our home page

We also get few rumours about upcoming Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone which are going to release this year.

Check Samsung Galaxy S7 leaked Images :

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