Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Rumors

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Smartphone at 7 pm on 21st February. We are covering everything that you must know about Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Smartphone here in our blog.

Another new Samsung device is supposedly in the works, and it’s the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S7.

The said apparatus, which is codenamed Project Lucky, will come with a few of the familiar features of the iPhone 6S and will be topped for additional protection aimed at its magnesium alloy body that is new with a Turtle Glass.

The Korean-based company has filed for the essential logo request for the said Turtle Glass, which will probably replace the old Corning Gorilla Glass. The matter is there’s no word if the said glass cover will probably be shielding and/or just the front rear or both.

samsung galaxy s7

If authentic, the magnesium alloy design should make the Samsung Galaxy S7 lightweight and fairly long-lasting, not to mention add the method also in some heat dissipation.

There isn’t any clear word on what chip the following Galaxy apparatus would be using, although there’s supposedly a foldable device being analyzed called Project V.

Then the chip being used is 820 chipset and a Snapdragon 620, if this is actually the Galaxy S7. Furthermore, the spotted apparatus come with provisions for microSD and will come with 3 GB of RAM, significance people won’t have to worry about storage that is small. The apparatus will, nevertheless, come with a nonremovable battery.

galaxy s7

The Galaxy S7 will reportedly include a dual-camera setup too. Also, as per rumours Samsung is planning to release two variations of the device that is said. The difference may be in the central processing unit.


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