LG G5: The TechRadar concept

LG is going to launch Galaxy Smartphone at 2 pm on 21st February. We are covering everything that you must know about LG G5 here in our blog.

lg g5
LG G5 – this is what next year we should see

The LG G4 got a lot right, but with a few a few other small niggles and also critical missteps it did not quite reach the heights of greatness we had hoped. That’s ok though, because 2016 is just another year and also the LG G5 is another chance for LG to deliver the handset all of US understand it’s capable of.

LG G5: News and Rumours

We have only actually heard one LG G5 rumors up to now, but it’s a huge one, as the mobile could allegedly have an iris scanner, allowing it to recognise you by your eyes. We’re bound to begin seeing iris scanners in smartphones and LG has not been afraid to innovate or be the first to do things in the past, so it’s possible that this tech will be packed by the LG G5, but we’re a little sceptical.

There’s the stress that the very first generation of this technology in cellphones will be clunky and more than a gimmick, if it does. If LG gets it right it could be a major selling point.

1. An all-metal assemble

LG moved towards a more premium design with the LG G4 away from plastic. It…didn’t go well. The unusual selection of leather was definitely novel, but it felt cheap, seemed odd and wasn’t anywhere near as visually pleasing as the metal HTC One M10 or iPhone 7.

So the LG G5 is going to have a more conventional all-metal layout. It is hard to go wrong with metal and it should make the phone even more superior and less divisive.

  1. A fingerprint scannerLG has thus far resisted, while many smartphones are currently incorporating fingerprint scanners, as the notable power button on the rear of its apparatus is crying out for one also it’s a pity.Turning the button into a single touch biometric scanner seems like an obvious decision and it’d give the LG G5 one useful feature.The organization is rumoured to be going a step farther and working on an iris scanner and while we wouldn’t say no to that a fingerprint scanner is likely a safer option.3.More curved EdgesWe’re bored of flat phones and if the LG G Flex 2 is anything to go by so is LG. But companies are yet to crack curves and we want to see LG try something new with the G4, so how about taking a note from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but rather than having curved sides have the screen spill over the top and bottom edge.

That would give it an eye-catching look, but it wouldn’t just be for show, the curves could also display extra notifications depending on which way the phone is held.

4. 4K display

Why? VR of course! Making this the perfect mobile to strap to your head needs a sharp screen that is truly pin.

We only want this to occur LG had a reputation for being ahead of the game on screen resolution, although if LG can avoid giving the battery life a hit in the method and that’s something it should try and hold onto.

5. Battery life

The LG G2 had amazing battery life but in this region LG has struggled in the last few years. Maybe it’s the move to a QHD display or maybe it simply has to use a more efficient processor or bigger juice packs, but whatever the reason the LG G4 hardly makes it through a day and that is simply not good enough.

Mobiles should be pushing on at least two days of life as far as we are worried, not struggling to handle one. We had rather this than a high res screen, to tell the truth.

  1. Slicker functionalityThe LG G4 is not always that fast, despite truly being a main phone. We have said the camera may be slow to establish but turning between working apps can take a second also and the interface sometimes even needs to reconstruct itself after bound between apps.This could be down to the Snapdragon 808 chip powering the G4, but we had think that coupled with 3GB of RAM it should be enough to deliver glossy operation. So whether through better optimised applications or a power injection we expect the LG G5 is a smooth operator.7. A camera that is quickerThe LG G4 has a camera that is extremely impressive, but it’s not always the fastest to establish.That’s still not slow but it may be long enough to miss the best time to get a snapshot, so LG will speed the process up on the G5.8. TouchWiZ advancements

    Regrettably this doesn’t work quite so consistently or well and it is enough of a problem to leave it less useful than more classic unlock alternatives like a PIN or pattern, so this will be tightened by LG up for the G5. Then again if it contains a fingerprint or iris scanner it could probably just ditch TouchWIZ altogether.

    9. A more compact layout

    We do not always desire LG to put a smaller display on the G5, especially if it’s going to keep pushing the pixels to this extent, but there’s no denying that it can be a little more unwieldy than a smaller phone, so one option would be to trim down the bezels.

There’s still rather a lot of empty space, particularly above and below the display, so if this goes on the LG G5 then we could see a 5.5-inch phone that doesn’t require hand gymnastics to use. LG definitely puts a great deal of work into its interface and also the variation located on the G4 is colourful and pretty clean. It even has a few genuinely useful features, such as Smart Notice, which is enormously enhanced since its debut in 2014.

Check out LG G4 Review here:

However there are a lot of useful features, widgets and apps which we’d just as soon see the rear of. From Q Slide to LG Health there are lots of things here that exist only to help out the cellphone stand without actually having been thought through or feel like they are just ticking boxes.

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