Samsung may announce Galaxy S7 soon in January

Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Smartphone at 7 pm on 21st February. We are covering everything that you must know about Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Smartphone here in our blog.

Samsung is reportedly moving up the start of its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, to January to be able to ramp up competition with Apple in the high-end cellphone market.

Samsung finalized the layout for the Galaxy S7 Smartphone by the end of September and is currently procuring the components it will have to enter production, South Korea’s Electronic Times reports, citing “many people in [smartphone] parts industries.”

galaxy s7

Samsung may release Galaxy S7 flagship soon

By pushing forward the Galaxy S7, consumers could be given the choice of a brand new main smartphone before in the year. It is a strategic move on the part of the South Korean tech titan, who probably hopes the launch window that is distinct will give its smartphone a better possibility of undercutting sales of the iPhone 6S, which established last month. Both companies make some of the planet ‘s most popular phones and have traditionally faced little competition beyond each other at the top end of the smartphone market.

Check out Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S comparison

It in July reported its seventh consecutive fall in gain, though it expects to return to growth in October and faces its first drop in yearly smartphone shipping, according to a report published by researchers. The launching of the Galaxy S6 in March failed to revive its fortunes, and as such the organization will need to give the Galaxy S7 the best possible odds of success by putting it in consumers’ hands sooner instead of later — and before they grow impatient and purchase an iPhone.

Historically Samsung has timed the launch of its own top smartphones — the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S range — to coincide with major international tech conventions, including Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But this year it bucked the trend by coordinating a standalone event in August to launch the Galaxy Note 5, eschewing its September spot that was customary at the IFA event show in Berlin.

A change in the program could also see a change in entire smartphone strategy from the business, as stated by the Electronic Times. Rather than establish smartphones across three price categories — high end, mid-range and low end — Samsung will add a fourth smartphone tier, which it’ll call “sub premium” to potentially cater to consumers who want a solid phone, but aren’t willing to pay top dollar for one.

Samsung did not immediately react to a request for opinion.

But as per the rumours we got to known that they are also preparing Galaxy A9, Galaxy Note 6, Galaxy Note Edge 2 and Galaxy Grand 3 smartphone in row.


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