Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with IRIS Eye Scanner is coming

Coming up to just about 5 years since the first Galaxy Note released path in 2011, we’re currently nearing the skyline for the principal legitimate authority unveiling of the current year’s Galaxy Note 7 2016. There have been a lot of thunderings on the web encompassing what we can expect with the up and coming gadget, yet none of it has been affirmed by Samsung. This time Samsung has decided to launch Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, 2016.

We’ve accumulated all the data we have so far about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 keeping in mind all we have so far is to a great extent made up of rumors and holes, it gives us somewhat of a look with respect to what we can expect when it dispatches in the not so distant future.


Leading the bat is that as per late reports, @evleaks claims that it won’t be known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this time around, rather being known as a more improved: Note7. Elaborately, this bodes well given the absence of hole between the S and 7 in Samsung’s S7 arrangement of cell phones obviously, what Samsung winds up calling it stays to be seen.

As indicated by Android Authority, the most up to date spill for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is that it will accompany an iris scanner highlight and a S Pen Air Command menu. With the iris scanner highlight, the Galaxy Note 7 can be purportedly opened with the client’s eye, all the more particularly their irises.

Be that as it may, Samsung has allegedly counted a not insignificant rundown of disclaimer with respect to the effectivity of the iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7. The confinements of utilizing the component incorporate when the client is wearing glasses, sun glasses and hued contact lenses. The iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7 will be rendered pointless if the client has limited or puffy eyes or when it is utilized as a part of low-light or no-light conditions. It additionally can’t examine eyes with iris deformities or when it has experienced eye surgery and that’s just the beginning.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner, a Major Setback?

For the individuals who are killed by the reported restrictions of the iris scanner that will clearly accompany the Galaxy Note 7, the unique mark alternative is still accessible. Clients can have the decision to utilize fingerprints or irises in the “Lock screen and security” settings page of their Note 7, International Business Times noted.

What do you think about the new iris scanner highlight included the Galaxy Note 7? Will it end up being more helpful when it is enhanced later on or will it remain a noteworthy mishap because of the various confinements of utilizing irises to decide recognizable proof? Tell us your sentiments in the remarks beneath.

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Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 7 in August

Samsung may increase a robust supply of its Galaxy Note 7 for an August rollout. Yes, as per recent rumours Samsung may skip Samsung Note 6 variant to match its Galaxy S lineup with Note series and hence their is huge possibility to see Galaxy Note 7 in August.

The South Korea-based hardware producer will purportedly fabricate 5 million units of its next stylus-based phablet for its underlying supply, tech news site ETNews reported Thursday, refering to a mysterious industry source.

For a year ago’s Galaxy Note 5, Samsung delivered 5 million units for a whole quarter. A bigger introductory supply of the Note 7 would show that the organization expects better offers of the current year’s model.

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As of late, Samsung has battled with weaker smartphone deals. In any case, substantial interest for the Galaxy S7 smartphone resuscitated Samsung’s fortunes, setting off a 12 percent bounce in income last quarter. The organization might rely on that same magic to persist to its next Galaxy Note gadget.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specification and Rumours

Samsung will furnish the Galaxy Note 7 with a double edge show, as indicated by ETNews. The organization has effectively embraced bended showcases on both sides of its Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge phones. The Galaxy Note Edge wore a bended show however just on one side. This would be the first run through a Galaxy Note gadget may incorporate two bended edges. The gadget, a half and half of a phone and a tablet, is likewise supposed to brandish a 5.8-inch screen and an iris scanner.

The new Galaxy Note could be divulged on August 2, at any rate as per a picture released not long ago, as appeared by web journal webpage Sammobile and different locales. The slogan on the affirmed picture expresses: “The following edge is practically around the bend.” The Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung’s present Note model. In any case, bits of gossip propose that the organization will sidestep the Note 6 name to align the Note’s numbering with its leader Galaxy lineup, which right now remains at S7.

Accepting the data from ETNews is precise, Samsung is cutting things near to assembling the up and coming Note so near its release. Samsung did not promptly react to CNET’s solicitation for input.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price, Specs and Release Date

Update: Now Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone’s are launched at MWC event. Both phones powered by 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 SoC and 12 MP camera. And now its time for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Yes, you are reading right. Its Galaxy Note 7 which is going to come this August as Samsung has made its mind to skip Galaxy Note 6. We are in surprise when we got this news through Samsung’s official blog. The Note 7 is going to release on August 2, 2016 so there the launch is just few days ahead.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumours and specifications

Its going to be 6 inch large phablet with OLED display having 4K resolution. The Galaxy Note 7 is rumoured to run on Snapdragon 823 processor. Find more details below:

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Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Smartphone at 7 pm on 21st February. We are covering everything that you must know about Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Smartphone here in our blog.

Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android enthusiasts are excited for the launch of its successor, rumored to come 2016. In a similar report, noted that supporters are expecting the Note 6 would be a better handset than its forerunner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Note 6 Concepts from

“And even we can witness foldable display and with a 4K resolution. As we know that today’s generations is more addicted to selfies and, of course the business is going to attempt to make the camera much better,”

Added the same report. Consistent with this, it’s anticipated that the approaching Note device a 16MP front-facing shooter for better selfies. SamsungGalaxyNote6i included that it might also come with a fast-charging technology for more efficient functionality for Android devotees.

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The said charging technology is expected to power 40 percent in an issue of four minutes. This can surely be a plus for on-the-go users who like to possess their batteries charged really quick. GalaxyNote6Info included the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will come with specifications that can definitely impress users.

“A bigger battery, faster processor, more memory, more RAM, more powerful surround, raised camera megapixels, 3D camera feature, and an amazing 4K screen display will turn out to be among the greatest set of smartphone specs in 2016,”

the same report said.

In terms of other camera highlights, the site wrote the Samsung Note 6 supports autofocus and optical image stabilization. Such characteristics are found in most smartphones now. TheGalaxyNote6 speculated the apparatus will include a new a design featuring alloy and metal body. The report noted that the trend will be continued by the Exynos chipset in present phones released by Samsung. “And in Galaxy Note 6, we would see first 16-core chip of Samsung,” the source said.
Moreover, PhonesReview stated that concept designs of the Note 6 showing up online. It said that one design showed “a white version of the handset, and among the pictures also shows a new stylus for the phablet.”

Galaxy Note 6

The said design apparently came with a metal body, a Home button and two loudspeakers on the bottom of the mobile. There will also be a USB Type-C interface that will have the apparatus which is expected to be “slender and narrow.”

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Let’s see how things will go in few months..Meanwhile Sony and HTC are also working on their Xperia Z6 and HTC One M10 Flagship.

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